Wallpaper & Surface Finishes

Wallpaper can help pull in the softer textures and colours of the overflow living areas to compliment any kitchen. We have a number of accounts with well recognised brands such as Brian Yates, Arte, Romo and Jab should you wish to look at introducing wallpaper as part of your overall kitchen and interior design.

In addition to surface finishes such as wallpaper recent projects have also seen us import and experiment with completely unique materials to also help create a real statement piece.

We’ve imported re-constituted barn wood from Amsterdam that was used to re-create a run of furniture cabinets built into an island. We’ve created hammered copper breakfast bar support columns that we had dipped in chrome. And experimented with a new composite metal surface finish that enabled us to bring an old chest of drawers out from the back of a cob-webbed garage to take pride of place back in the client’s home.